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CFO, Controller, and Staff Level Services

Planning, Modeling, Budgeting

Our services focus on developing and maintaining core finance & administration processes, delivered as a flexible extension of company management; taking a team approach to assist with segregation of duties and efficiently match skills with need. We bring extensive experience in private, public and non-profit environments for companies in a variety of industries.

  • Financial modeling and budgeting

  • Business/ financial system projects

  • Audit readiness and management

  • Policies and procedures

  • Tax readiness and management

Accounting, Reporting, Internal Control

Business Administration Support & Special Projects

  • Monthly or quarterly accounting

  • Financial reporting

  • Legal, contract management

  • Strategic planning input

  • Board, shareholder services

  • Financing, strategic transaction support

  • Insurance program management

Sample Projects.

Highlights of Past Select Projects

  • CFO and executive leadership for e-commerce retailer

  • CFO services and transaction support for mid-size government contractor

  • Finance and administration outsource for start-up medical device company

  • Financial infrastructure for private equity formed global medical device company

  • Bankruptcy, financing transaction and asset sale support for public medical device company

  • Financial infrastructure development and support for private non-profit school

  • Financial modeling and business advisory for renewable energy company

  • Financial modeling for start-up sports medicine distribution

  • Project management and financial modeling for real estate development

  • CFO services for early stage e-commerce and on-line gaming companies

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